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with a distinctive voice that
create impact!

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When building anything, it's essential to have a sense of humor. Most people we’re trying to reach begin with a guarded or skeptical position. Our job is to politely disarm them enabling you to get your message across. We aim to win them over in a fun but believable way. Never sell the public short - they are smart cookies - and so are we. Our motto : if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Yes we’re in business to pay the rent, but our primary interest is the creative potential we see in you. If we like your product and feel your brand could use some help, we'll approach you. We aim to promote clients without trickery. Our primary role is to simplify the message in an honest way.

The goal of any long-lasting brand is to foster continued strong consumer loyalty. Avoiding complacency and apathy towards your brand is the key to any successful strategy. We will continually assess and monitor the effectiveness of your public image and adapt and modify creatively as necessary, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh content to your audience.

Our staff is sophisticated and edgy. We own most, if not all size screens. Garth is a great believer in keeping current with all social media trends and platforms- from snapchat to VR he knows his stuff.

One could probably look at a painting and guess the artist based on their style. A branding/design agency doesn't have that luxury. That would make it way too easy. We can't afford to have one look, or one style. Our job is to create an individual image specifically for you. Our skill lies in being able to recognize what makes you unique.

The Process


You talk. We learn. We absorb all that you are, what you know and where you want to go.

We go on a fact -finding mission to discover your marketplace and how to position you in it.

The magic happens! Line, form, color and texture, we build you something unique and unforgettable.

We transform the design into a brand by converting, current application and creating a guideline for the future.

Lift off, but only when all the moving parts are in place. We know what they are and we know where they belong.

Being consistent builds equity. We'll hang around to help you with future brand expansions.